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A New Form of Self-Expression:
Contemporary Dance Classes in Orange County

Are you ready to express yourself in a new way? Contemporary dance classes at AfterHours Dance Studio in Orange County are the perfect option for dancers of all levels.

Contemporary is an extension of ballet that was developed in the 20th century. It's now one of the most popular performance dance forms and is often seen on television shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "World of Dance." Contemporary dance classes combine elements of ballet and jazz along with a touch of lyrical at times.

While contemporary dancers may develop their own styles, they all share a strong mind-body connection that allows them to deliver highly emotional performances, leaving their hearts on the dance floor. Many professional dancers consider contemporary an art form. You can tap into the heart of the movement by taking adult dance classes in Orange County.

Adult Dance Classes Designed with You in Mind

Our contemporary dance classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate students aged 15 and up. At AfterHours, we work with your schedule by offering a variety of classes throughout the week. Drop in at your convenience.

You will learn a wide range of techniques and dance moves when you study contemporary dance regularly, but our classes all follow the same format: warm-up, technique, then choreographed dance.

Contemporary is a dynamic dance form with a variety of techniques and even some tricks to learn. You'll receive an excellent cardio workout with each class, but you'll also grow as a dancer.

Contemporary Dancing
Fundamental Dance Classes for Beginners

Are you a budding adult dancer? AfterHours’ dance fundamentals class is perfect for you.

Each class includes dance conditioning and a lesson in technique. Choreographed dances aren't introduced in every class at this level. We focus on jazz technique coming from a ballet background, which includes leaps, turns and progressions across and center floor.

With regular practice, you'll find yourself leaping and turning with precision. You'll pick up the basic techniques that assure success in our higher-level adult dance classes. Call our studio today or book online to get started.

Current Lyrical & Contemporary Classes Available in Orange County:

  • Dance Fundamentals -
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  • Beginning Lyrical -
    class description coming soon
  • Beginning/Lyrical Contemporary -
    class description coming soon
  • Intermediate Contemporary -
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