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Adult Hip-Hop for All Levels in Orange County

Hip-hop is alive in Orange County, and you can get in on the action by taking our adult hip-hop dance classes at AfterHours Dance Studio. We make it easy to get your body moving by offering dance classes almost every day of the week. That includes weekend dance classes.

We welcome all students of hip-hop, from the complete beginner to the experienced dancer ready to improve their skill level and learn new moves. Our classes usually include between 5-20 students. After flowing through a warmup, we work on technique and then introduce a choreographed dance with music.

Beginners Hip-Hop Dance Classes

It's never too late to explore hip-hop dance. AfterHours beginner's classes are the perfect starting point for anyone interested in developing a strong foundation of hip-hop isolations, foot work and grooves. We'll introduce you to all of that and more when you drop in for our adult hip-hop dance classes in Orange County.

Hip Hop Dancing

Intermediate Hip-Hop Dance Classes

If you have some hip-hop dance experience, it's time to find your soul in one of our intermediate adult dance classes. We combine the hard-hitting edge of modern hip-hop with the silky groove of old-school R&B to deliver dynamic dance combos in every class. While your body will thank you for the workout, your brain will appreciate the challenge as well.

We encourage our students to experiment with the music and develop their unique dance styles. We provide the music and technique. You bring the soul.

All-Level Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Drop in to experience some of the liveliest adult hip-hop dance classes in Orange County. We combine simple grooves with musicality, pick-up and nonstop fun to create upbeat classes for students at all skill levels. A new dance combo is taught every week.

Current Hip-Hop Classes Available in Orange County:

  • Strut Hip-Hop –
    Bring out your sass with a feminine form of hip-hop loaded with fierce moves. Beginner and intermediate-advanced classes are available.
  • Jazz Funk –
    Spice up your life with a wide range of jazz techniques, hip-hop elements and fluidity training. We focus on musicality and details, allowing every student to progress to advanced hip-hop and jazz dance classes.
  • Hip-Hop Heels –
    Slip on your heels and tap into your sexy side. Some previous dance experience is highly recommended.
  • Cardio Hip-Hop Burn –
    Burn up those calories with a non-stop dance party that includes up to 15 minutes of toning for your butt, arms and abs. We crank up popular songs and light them on fire with the latest hip-hop moves. No experience is necessary. Just bring on the sweat.

No experience is necessary! Jump in, get your body moving, and lighten your mood this week. Book a class with us today.

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