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Adult Jazz Dance Classes in Orange County

Jazz developed as an offshoot of ballet in the 20th century. It remains one of the most popular dance forms for performers as well as recreational dancers of all ages. Jazz dance classes are a great place to start exploring the world of dance because many techniques and moves are easy to learn. You may start with jazz, but who knows where your love for dance will take you.

AfterHours Dance Studio offers adult jazz dance classes in Orange County, and dancers of all levels are encouraged to attend regularly. Classes usually include 3-15 students. We work with your schedule by offering a variety of classes throughout the week.

Our adult jazz dance classes start with a warmup and then progress to instruction in technique. We end with a choreographed dance set to music. You will learn something new every week.

Current Jazz Dance Classes Available in Orange County:

  • Broadway Jazz, Broadway to Pantages –
    Also known as Musical Theater, this is the performance dance class that will bring out your inner star. We teach proper Broadway and traditional jazz technique with choreographed numbers to the hottest songs old and new. Get your feet moving while learning how to connect with the audience and speak with facial expressions. Other performance skills are introduced as well. Some dance experience is strongly recommended, but all levels are welcome.
  • Sassy Jazz –
    This is the Orange County dance class for fierce women who want to take their moves to the next level. Dance is the perfect way to get your groove back, improve your self-confidence or just blow off some steam.
  • Burlesque –
    It's all about connecting with your body in our all-level burlesque class. We step away from precise technique training to introduce dance from a body-positive perspective. Beginners join with intermediate and advanced dancers to learn a new combo every week. Slip on your heels and jump in for a sense of empowerment. Heels are encouraged but not required.

Adult jazz dance classes are a fun way to look and feel your best when living in the sunshine of Orange County. Feel free to contact us if you need help selecting the right class, or book here today.

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